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All-electric Injection Molding Machine

Super clean, high precision energy saving 50~70%

Servo System

DXN servo drive, dual feedback design


EV Propulsion System

CNC Controller

High speed & precisiion, easy digital wiring

CNC Maching Center

Special servo motor for all electric injection molding machine


Congratulation to the Perfect Ending of "Open House Celebration of FOXNUM Technology, Foxconn Group” - R & D Center Launched & New Product Announcement.

In March 24th morning, Foxconn Technology Anqing R & D Center has been launched and FOXNUM New Product Announcement was held at the same time. Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee...

Ceremony of Chinese manufacturing, Celebration of Foxnum innovation

Full attention to the opening of R&D center of Foxnum technology from Foxconn Technology Group's in Anqing, the world's top 500 high-tech enterprises, the mother ship of manufacturing.

What would be the secret high-tech product behind the curtain? What kind of technology would be applied to the world? According to the “little birds”, it seems astonished, so let us revealed

My Partner of Industry 4.0
My Partner of Industry 4.0

Looking for your best partner of industry needs, we provide you a total solution. Foxnum product dedicated to offer you a whole new experience in industry.

What Would Foxnum do?

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